My graduating collection, "GFP" is a modern sportswear collection, featuring tailored, evening, traditional RTW, accessories, and swimwear pieces. Each look reflects elements of my research.
I started with images from my brother's medical research. He studies infectious diseases through UNC at Chapel Hill's Pediatric Research Center. The scans from his research are GFP (Green Fluorescent Protein) scans. The image is of many cells with some spots glowing in bright green (image on first slide). I found the organic shapes of each cell very beautiful, and found it interesting how certain areas glowed differently from others. This was the start of my research and the inspiration of the glow-in-the-dark technology used on some of my garments and accessories.
I expanded my research through photographs and medical illustrations of Victorian-era pediatric medicine. Finally, I concluded my development with Victorian children's' clothing. There is so much detail is in the clothing during this time, and found the child-like silhouettes inspiring as well.


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